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At Allan Pharmacy we understand the importance of providing excellent prescription services as well as first class information, advice and education on health matters to our customers.

The pharmacy was originally opened in the mid-1960’s by a Mr Winslow,and then purchased by Sandy Black in the mid-late 1970’s. He was succeeded by Iain Allan the current owner who purchased the pharmacy in November 1991.

We are situated in Muirhouse and this area underwent a major renovation in 1996. We moved to our current premises in January 2007 which provided modern premises along with plenty of free parking and easy access from the main artery Shields Road. Much new building of private and council homes followed and now the area is thriving again!

We pride ourselves on a fast and efficient service and with being here for so long, we have a personal knowledge of many of our patients. We can remember many of their parents and grandparents! We have a very low turnover of staff and we believe this helps to foster relationships with customers and loyalty.

We are only a mile away from the nearest surgery and we collect daily from surgeries in Motherwell and Wishaw. We also operate an ordering service as well to assist patients.

The Pharmacy Team

Allan Pharmacy skilled and dedicated staff are our greatest asset and are fully trained to assist and advise you on all your healthcare needs.

We value your trust in our Pharmacy as leading healthcare providers within the community. From senior Pharmacists to counter staff, we are all aware of just how important your faith in our people is when we are are entrusted with your private and sometimes sensitive medical information.

You can be assured that you can talk to any member of the Pharmacy team in total confidence and that they will act in your best interests with sensitivity and discretion at all times.

The relationship between our customers and staff is a core foundation upon which our business success has been built on.

Ask the Pharmacist

Remember our healthcare professionals are here to help and provide confidential healthcare advice. So whatever your needs … we would love to see you in person or talk to you by phone to answer any question you may have

Allan Pharmacy GDPR Summary

We process your personal data, which includes information from your prescriptions and any other pharmacy and health care services we provide to you (including medicines use reviews, flu vaccinations, stop smoking services etc.) for the purposes of:

Your care:

Providing pharmacy services and care to you and, as appropriate, sharing your information with your GP and others in the wider NHS. We hold your information for as long as advised by the NHS. You have a right to a copy of the information we hold about you, generally without charge. You may seek to correct any inaccurate information.

Our payments:

Sharing your information with the NHS Business Services Organisation, others in the wider NHS and sometimes local authorities, and only limited information to those external to the NHS who negotiate and check the accuracy of our payments. We process your personal data in the performance of a task in the public interest, for the provision of healthcare and treatment and the management of healthcare systems. A pharmacist is responsible for the confidentiality of your information.


Sharing only limited information with the NHS Business Services Organisation and others in the wider NHS and sometimes local authorities, as well as those external to the NHS who ensure we maintain appropriate professional and service standards and that your declarations and ours are accurate

For further information:

You may object to us holding your information by contacting the Information Commissioners Office

This website provides information, not medical advice. Medical information can be subject to change therefore information displayed must never be used as an alternative to, or replacement for, advice given by a qualified medical professional.